For A Moment



For a moment

The silence had roots

And clung to me like

A light cloak

With a bed of stars

Gleaming in its velvet folds

Black, purple, light

Settling in for

A deep night.


And I breathed,






Too busy for

That sharp ache,

Somewhere under

This skin’s surface beating,


In some other reality.

Slow my breathing.


Too tired to think

About summer’s sunshine,


And wild grass playing

On a mountainside.

Turn my pillow over.


In the fragrance of a flower,

In the brilliance of the sun rising,

In the teasing notes of music,

Bits of beauty,

Sound-bites gnawing,

Monsters of attachment,

In the shadows of memory.


Without a word,

Or a warning,

The rain is pouring down,

Soaking the ground around me

And somewhere,

Just somewhere,

In my unknowing,

In my unwanting,

It’s okay.

KKLE November 6, 2013

Loving You

loving you is a hard thing to do…

to keep you free

to let you go

to not be attached

to not be consumed

but to love,

to love the way I feel when you laugh,

to feel the way my heart beats when you walk

….even walking away…

the words you say well up in my waiting,

and lodge in my throat,

and when you say “good-bye”,

my lips will simply say “okay”…


Apex of Destiny


I could have been anywhere,

Where sky and ocean melt together,

Where place billows with texture, and color, and infinity,

I could have been anywhere,

But I was with you.

Our paths converging in the stories of our existence,

Feet stepping lightly in the synthesis of our terrain,

Enraptured by you—

Once a wild child of the south,

Cigarette and alcohol in hand at ten,

riding horses through tall grasses,

galloping at full speed,

leaping over barriers that could not hold you down.

Your voice now a part of the landscape

Of THIS place, of MY heart,

marked by ahu stones stacked

in the four directions of

where we have been, Where we are,

Where we meet,

Finally here,

Present, in the apex of destiny.


(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved


You say that even if you did,

Though you wondered once,

You’re not, could never be,

Wanting me, it seems, behind dark glasses,

Hiding a sure-footed swagger, and softened face

You are looking at me,

Drawing you near in my dreams, lips numb

With fragrant fruit,

And your hands cupped in denial

Around my heart.


(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved

Aching Harvest

In wanting to be loved,

You’ve allowed his storm to pellet you,

To pull you into harsher rain’s constant hammering,

Jolting, stealing pride

you look away,

Your fugitive eyes clinched

In a far-away dream

Of her summer light,

her fragrant petals opening and soft days

aching harvest beauty

Of lips, and tears, and tongue

And heart, too cowardly,

to come out

of the dark, and open your eyes.


(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved

To Be The One

I step carefully into predawn,

Blades of grass damp with night,

Blossoms still soft with sleep, parting,

Horizon blushing with pale color, breaking

free of darkness,

Every blade, every leaf turns toward you waiting,

Silhouettes of nature fluttering

in anticipation of you

And I, Seeking that still moment more than anything

Knowing that every second the sun rises,

Every moment purple shadows recede,

Every feather, stone, or discolored flower from the day before,

Every thought unheard, or unseen, waits to be experienced by you,

And I want to be the one,

The one there in that moment,

When every fragrance, every sound,

Every fluttering leaf and whispering wind

Calls your name and shines for you.

I want to be that gift-giver of beauty,

To hold you with a beauty you have never felt before,

Want to capture your sapphire eyes,

Draw you to me, passionately, and achingly,

To be the one,

The one awake,

The one beside you when your eyes open to all that awaits you,

I want to gather all that has been, all that will be, all that can be

Into a timeless dance of unbelievable light, for you,

But I have only my words to make your heart pulsate in soft rhythms,

And sometimes words aren’t good enough,

For I am but an observer of your light, a reflection of your beauty,

And you are the one who must come to me,

When you want,

In that still moment,

And rise together.

KKLE May 25, 2013

(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved

Crescent Moon

A crescent moon hangs low

As I wait for my tea.

A slip of light

On a dark canvas


The clamor of the day,

And I think of you…

As the night hums

To the drum of the universe,

Your voice softening,


Immortal nectar

In my mind.


(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved

Blue Sky

Free Falling into your blue sky,
an adrenaline hoax,
a giddy infusion,
knowing your denial,
denying my knowing,
an addictive attachment aching,
at the curvature of your voice,
I surrender my feet to your reality,
and touch the ground.


(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved

Star Gazer

Those stars,
Seeking for your eyes to see,
Have been seen before
In this night sky
By thousands who have gone before,
Who have gazed
At beauty, lobes ripe with mystery
and amazing magnitude
juxtaposed to our own smallness.

KKLE May 1, 2013

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