10 minutes from home

In my bones and in the way my blood flows

Deep heat waiting

Calling me in

From the cold

Years, months, days

Dissolve on my lips

10 minutes from home

Words don’t come out

And the radio screams into the night

Love songs of yesterday

Once again pushed away

Into that growing silence

Wanting, waiting, needing

To be explained

Another day.

American Relics


Greyhound Bus Route to West Virginia

Old windows in a setting sun,

The cobwebs of America

In town after town,

Emptying, buildings and homes

Crumbling, dust colored

Communities disappearing

In a brain drain of place,

An American country culture replaced

With a fast track to the modern world,

Main veins streaking north, or east, or west,

Money heading south to invest

In shinier buildings made of glass,

Bigger malls and beach house class,

American relics

Falling to the ground,

In place to place,

And dust to dust.



Karen K L Espaniola          July 10, 2014















She leads me through milkweeds and wildflowers

Into the curvature of distant stars,

Where fireflies dance

Like fires in my heart,

Pulsating, alive

With thunder

And lightening

And where the scent of tall grasses

Still warm from sunlight,

And damp from rain,

Catches between my toes.

“Word-Hoarder” Awoken




I try to hear a word in passing,

And pause, looking back

To you,


tapping that


Between breaths,


before noise,


My mind

A surreal zone

Trapped in rough bark,

Plunging in

a vision without emotion,

Stunted roots without time to sprout.


How do I live without love,

How do I feed my heart

Without poetry,

A barren limb alive without living,

An Empty cavern dark without phrases,

A broken chant without sound or meaning.

I ask, I demand drumbeats

Driving sharp spikes inward,

Bleeding roots ripping spirals

Of heart breaking turf’s fresh soil,

Up-turned earth ploughing

Unmarked graves of words,

Gutted and unburied.


There is no place to turn but you,

A sleeping phantom of deep seed knowing,

An ancient tree with severed branches growing,

An awakening of a thousand sunrises glowing red

Chanting on the tip of a copper tongue,

Shaking free a universe of stars for words,

Pleading with an empty bowl,


Poetry for food that my heart might be fed.


March 22, 2014


Stolen Stars



“You have stolen my stars”
And I don’t mind
Where torn patches in the night sky
Once gathered taut
To hold my universe in
Now billows
Frayed edges free
Like a winter scarf worn thin.


It’s raining.
Darkness still clings to my skin,
And stars, gleaming like a million
Ancient fires
Flicker in my heart,
In that silent moment before dawn.


Let go your heavy heart,

embers of memories,

illusions of fire,

And take back your stars

Pulsating tenderly in my night sky,

Aching impatiently in these long winter hours,

Take back your stars and sit with me

In this divine night

Sipping tendrils of light

Until morning.



For You

Dear Rumi



Dear Rumi,

Centuries later,

You have made me cry,

For I too have been here since the dawn of time,

Absorbing essence of light and dark, soil and sky,

But the word,

Your words,

Read from ancient scrolls

Left me bleeding with the thorns of roses wanting more,

Pleading for the universe to make my words eternal,

For my passion, like yours, to last forever,

In hunger, in longing, in forgiveness and in letting go,

To carry this heavy burden of love, in beauty,

Like you,

A brilliant flower garden in the cyclical budding of time,

In grief, and in joy,

for all the universe to hear and feel and love,

That timeless heartbeat aching to be free

Yet wanting to be captured

By her, by me, by infinite melody.


For Noora, Who Inspires,

Karen K.L. Espaniola,  January 26, 2014




LoveLoveLoveLoveLove                                            Completely

SacrificeSacrificeSacrificeSacrificeSacrifice       Letting go of self

SpiritSpiritSpiritSpiritSpirit                                      Entering unattached

MindMindMindMindMind                                         With no visceral ulterior

EnergyEnergyEnergyEnergyEnergy                     Motivation to preserve

LandLandLandLandLand                                           Richness of life and

FoodFoodFoodFoodFood                                          Health, culture, identity.

LandFoodEnergyMindSpiritLoveSacrifice         Where does it all begin

LandFoodEnergyMindSpiritLoveSacrifice         When it is all infused together,

LandFoodEnergyMindSpiritLoveSacrifice          There is no beginning or end,

LandFoodEnergyMindSpiritLoveSacrifice          Permeated for all eternity,

LandFoodEnergyMindSpiritLoveSacrifice          With all that matters,

LandFoodEnergyMindSpiritLoveSacrifice          With all that inspires

LandFoodEnergyMindSpiritLoveSacrifice          In a timeless circle.









(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved

Let Me Be A Bridge

When it all began,
I stood as the sun rose,
A triumphant sphere
setting Earth ablaze,
The undefined becoming defined in light,
Defining me in its clarity.

I ask you,
To let me be the bridge
Between your world and mine,
A humble snail leaving a silvery trail
Across your path.
Let me be here,
Absorbing your infinity,
Palms open, mind emptied,
In this present moment
For you.


(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved


Picked a Plantain leaf before walking,
Tip of Tongue guiding it into place,
Veins and stems, Ridges and edges,
Resin of skin in sun, Breathing in, Breathing out,
A Visceral entity changing,
Molecular patterns rearranging
With every step, With every breath
Where nothing else belongs,
Hina, Tara, Goddess, Essence,
Enlightened spirits gathering,
Light from blue sky, and
Patience from clouds

Seven times for seven eyes, for seven ears
I am here, I am here, I am here,
I am here, I am here, I am here,
I am here,

A student ready for her teacher,
The teacher is already here.

In my mouth—Green and soft, absorbing, releasing.


(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved

Blue Sky

Free Falling into your blue sky,
an adrenaline hoax,
a giddy infusion,
knowing your denial,
denying my knowing,
an addictive attachment aching,
at the curvature of your voice,
I surrender my feet to your reality,
and touch the ground.


(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved

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