Crescent Moon

A crescent moon hangs low

As I wait for my tea.

A slip of light

On a dark canvas


The clamor of the day,

And I think of you…

As the night hums

To the drum of the universe,

Your voice softening,


Immortal nectar

In my mind.


(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved

I Like A Good Tree


Your image—symbolic of all life
Your message—Truth
Your gnarly limbs sprawl patiently across solid ground
in spatial movement anchored by earth-probing fingers;
digging deep, reaching high, breathing in, breathing out.

I ponder the fractals in your leaves,
Study the mystery of patterns looping,
Spiraling through the barks of time,
Wonder at your perfect design,
Climb into your embrace
To feel anxieties shake loose and die drifting,
Fluttering gracefully like leaves to the earth,
mulch for the coming season.

If I could be more absorbing, reflecting,
existing in the sun, stars, moon—rooted
in the comfort of knowing the earth
Who is our mother,
If I could be loving like your shade when all else seems unbearable,
And when meaning has lost its savor,
be accepting of transformation—seasons of greatness and seasons of fallow,
be the bearer of richness and depth,
upright, strong and true,
I could be more like you.


(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved

Note To Self

You are Not the only one left on earth
Though it seems like it,
After fifty years of ocean and land,
journey seems relentless, and
Emptiness flows over.
People fade in and out,
In thought, in presence, in life, in death.

The sound of your heart beats
Under water, on a forest floor,
On mountaintops,
Spilling across the desert sky.
It is the universe inhaling.

And that falling star streaking
into the dark horizon, WAS for you,
it’s flash gasping from your throat,
Where shadows of desperate anticipation
clung to yesterday’s warmth.

You are here for a reason,
If not just to let go
And Breathe Beauty,
Share goodness,
Hope, long, dream, act, write, express,
For a better world.
Today is the day,
“Now is the time”
Never wait for tomorrow,
To speak
From the heart,
With the rhythm of the earth,
And the love of the universe
Beside you.

May 3, 2013


(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved


You wanted to know what I see
when I see you
that moment time stops,
and all the world is asleep except
your light resonating
a rhythmic hum of the universe,
a golden stillness with barely a wisp of breeze
Hovers, slipping soundlessly beneath summer’s shade trees,
where distant water glints in wonder and song,
A warm foothold on smooth bark
Climbing, a tree hugger’s paradise.


If we could sit together,
A warm river running through us,
Stones waiting patiently with only the movement of slow breathing,
And the rhythm of water moving us gently in liquid light,
We could dissolve together,
And the world would be at peace.

K.K.L.E. April 6, 2013

Morning Cinquain

Thick with grey mists,
Serene spirits embracing
My heart, my lungs, my soul reaching

Prayer Before Dawn

Prayer Before Dawn:

Letting go
To you,
Who sees all, Who is all, Who knows all,
You embody those ancient life-lines
That catch me when I let go.


There in the mist, I think I see you,
In the half-eyed moon you walk with me,
In the dark, you are the many faces celebrating light,
Urging me on,
Urging the world on,
A light for all the universe to see,
A light in the image
Of you
who went on
before me.

KKLE April 4, 2013


Time and again,
Constant, circular,
An ocean,
A stairway into the night sky,
Seven eyes,
Seeing all,
All at once,
“Nothing comes to be or perishes”
An inch, a foot, a wave, a sunrise,
Rhythm, rapture, hum
Of endless space
Flowing E-nergy off the grid,
Across the lines,
In slow motion
We come.
We go.
We are.

Sijo X: Raindrops

Raindrops falling on tin roof, I wonder if water is solid

or sound that flings itself around, it makes a rusty rhythm

coming down so fast, first slow and gentle, then strong and full.

Karen K.L. Espaniola April 13, 2012

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