# 25 haiku–Pahala Waking

Pahala town

Pahala town








Pahala waking

Volcanic haze breaking dawn

Orange silhouette


Maunaloa Morning



















It’s all about the journey,

Believing in miracles,

Dormant creative forces,

Internalizing vision,

Cell regeneration,


Pushing to achieve,

Reaching to let go.







This morning

I took a detour,

Wound through dew-laden

Plants and budding shrubs,

To watch the sun rise on the mountain,

And catch one of the many faces of Maunaloa,

Her meditation, her chant, her adoration to life,

Waking in her wake,

Feathers and flower buds

Waiting to open.





Venus Haiku and Haiku Healing


Day 4: Venus Haiku


There she is again

Sweet pulsating sensation

Heaven’s deity


You have always been

Ahu of my horizon

Venus of my heart.



Day 5: haiku healing


Teach me to be healed

My fibers are your fibers

Green earthly petals



Your Morning Is My Night Sky


Not sure how this works anymore

Now that your morning is my night sky

Now that your distance is a mirage of my heart.


I lie awake between the inhale and exhale of my life,

A flickering fire-pit on the edge of an ocean cliff,

A flame in a dark desert burning bright,

Feeling the meta-cognitive space between us,

A fluid river motion, an ocean current flowing slowly,

Watching a pale paper moon rising

Under a canopy of glittering stars,

And when I dream,

I dream of the morning reflected in your eyes,

A golden, soft stillness over a cup of coffee,

Fragments of light on your skin,

Filtering through leaves of an ancient Oak,

Southern moss-draped limbs of antiquity

Welcoming you home.


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