Caustic Dreams


When the illumined are illumed

in the shadows of darkness,

Twisted thoughts masking initial intent,

writhing, stark remains of regurgitated words

pound relentlessly in falling heart,

sharp pain spreading like fingers

across sordid language,

tossing and turning in hoping, just hoping,

hoping eating the edges of fantasy,

crossing caustic fields of a western stake out,

guns drawn shaking in gut, in mind, in doubt,

deathly bullets of love

never seemed so tragic

as forever not true,

…Not then

…not now

…not ever

Sending me reeling,

keening into the night

of your reality.

Letting Go

Letting go is not an easy thing to do,

to let your voice be carried away in waves,

and allow the rain to fall in empty fields.

Let me return to the forest to find an embankment deep,

a humus of soil and rotting leaves of winter

to wait for snow,

where glances of sun through rough tree bark

will find me by the frozen creek,

and warm me once again

in my solitude.

KKLE    May 26, 2013

(c) Karen K.L. Espaniola 2013, All Rights Reserved


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