Releasing Crow

Releasing Crow

Releasing Crow

Exhaling and Waters Lifting

Rainy day in Pahala

Rainy day in Pahala









That opening into the universe

Where prayers move in and out with the wind

And silent rivers move

Ferocious in strength,

Yet calm

Waters lifting,

Trickling droplets

Of mind



to accept, without protesting,

The current,

The flow,

Letting go.


March 28, 2015



And the sound of doves

And the distant sound of people moving

Awoke me

And I dare not move

Less my breathing change

And daylight slip away

Before I open my eyes




March 27, 2015


Years Later


My fingers reach deep,

deep into earth’s womb,

curling round hot soil

where her pungent roots seek ground

and shelter for her rich bones

asking to be buried

In latent memories,

and warm tears,

like soft rain

to carry her home.


Karen K L Espaniola         July 13, 2014




Too busy for

That sharp ache,

Somewhere under

This skin’s surface beating,


In some other reality.

Slow my breathing.


Too tired to think

About summer’s sunshine,


And wild grass playing

On a mountainside.

Turn my pillow over.


In the fragrance of a flower,

In the brilliance of the sun rising,

In the teasing notes of music,

Bits of beauty,

Sound-bites gnawing,

Monsters of attachment,

In the shadows of memory.


Without a word,

Or a warning,

The rain is pouring down,

Soaking the ground around me

And somewhere,

Just somewhere,

In my unknowing,

In my unwanting,

It’s okay.

KKLE November 6, 2013

Burgeoning Heart





Take this heart,

This burgeoning ache,

This swollen phobia

Of social stigma,

A morsel of sorrow,

A fragment of body,

Broken bread to be eaten,

Slowly, steadily,

like oil spreading

Its rainbow dulled by dust,

Still throbbing and beating

And breathing in frayed sunlight,

Ready for your scalpel

Of words,

Dissecting, devouring,

Consuming, releasing me

Piece by piece,

in waves.


Karen K L Espaniola,  Aug. 16, 2013





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