A Stone Throw


Pull Over,

And walk twenty yards

From the highway.


Myth is alive,

Movement rustling in darkness,

Light seeping from clouds,

A slight breeze,

A dancing Lehua blossom

Swaying unseen,

An unbeaten path,

A stone throw

from the known.


We are divorced from what’s real,

Believing in our own superiority,

And have we forgotten our relations?


The stone, the moss, the mist, the mountain,

All waiting for us to return home.






Kealakekua Bay



There is an oasis from the heat

Where rubbled pathway leads to shade

And withering grass turns

to damp undergrowth for comfort.

That upward winding climb of transformation,

one step at a time,

From the bottom lands of ancient death

And pinnacles of sordid history,

To the cool air of respite, hope,

And joyful laughter,

head-tipped and rippling,

shouting out into the Universe

in deep gulps,

where every moment here,

is the perfect place to be,

A mimic of eternal grace

roots, bark, leaves

on breath, on skin,

In eyes light space of solace

calling me home,

over and over again.

Where once a navigator died,

still yet, another lives.




Stone Warriors


They came out of the deep void,

Prows pointing north in embryonic fluid,

Connecting east and west, time and space

To Ka Lae, a place where the universe converges.


They came with tongues swaggering with heat, and bodies aching,

Bringing with them stones from the bones of the earth,

Prostrating to the unforgiving land,

Laying down their gifts.


Lovingly, they greeted her lacerating winds,

And gratefully, endured her Keawe thorns,

Some planting feet in dust, and sand, and stone,

Where Gods and Goddesses once roamed,

And made their home beside the sea,

While others with umbilical cords rooted in Ka`u

Charged forth into the Universe in great canoes

From ancient tidal pools of changing times and stone warriors,

Leaving mythic tales behind in seven wakes,

Under the guidance of a celestial vision

Carried stones wrapped carefully with love

for the final journey home,

To a place they had never seen before.


©KKLE June 20, 2013


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