Sonnet. Fragrance of My Heart

Your golden blossoms shake my longing heart

From my sweet sleep awakened dappled light

Remind me I have loved you from the start

A trembling kiss of dazzling aching bright.


But what if days of sunrise come to end

Or golden flowers wake too late to bud

Or heavy fragile stems begin to bend

And blossoms flutter fragile to the mud?


Then I will reach both hands to catch your fall

For just a fleeting moment of your beauty

Embrace the velvet raindrop of your petal

That lights in grace upon my lips so gently.


Whose fragrant love is sweet and more divine

Whose tender heart shines brighter next to mine



Ode To An Old Wild Rose

Final poem for NaPoWriMo 2014:













Your petals are wilting,

Still soft with sun

And rain that graced you

In soft mists and torrent showers

In your youth,


Though the heat was strong

your fragrance held its own

Sweet with knowledge,

Heart flushed with beauty,

and wild with impulse,

You blossomed,


Despite your thorns,

Despite pain,

Despite sorrow,

Your touch remained gentle,

Delicate resonance,

I inhale you,

Breathing in

All that you are,

All that I am.



April 30, 2014

Rain Haiku


Misty rain on skin

Fallen colors breathing in

Becoming the earth


The earth is in me

Patterns of light are woven

Intricate beauty



Great, white, predator,

Astounding fearless beauty

Protect your children.


You have returned to find

That yesterday is gone,

A few million years melted

Into an abyss of Super-bergs,

hurling centuries of frozen

origin, pure water, sacred water,

Rushing rivers revealing

Naked land, barren land,

a lifeless land, releasing

Your grief-stricken tears

On the face of the earth,

Into the deep,

Into the rising water,

A stew of miss-placed life

Scrambling to survive,

And remember

The beauty,

The strength,

The powerful,

The amazing


Sinking deep,

Leaving eddies

of memories,

In pictures




April 25, 2014




Anticipating Dawn

Day 8




I swallow the stars as I breathe in,

Releasing them into the universe,

My heart beating rapidly with fire,

Knowing, anticipating, wanting,

Counting seconds of light before

She arrives, soft, beautiful, brilliant.

Ode To The Time Before We Saw You

Day 7

Above the world...between O`ahu and Molokai`i


First view,

Iconic view of you,

Blue Earth Rising

Out of a void of man’s unknowing.

Who would know what lay below,

From up above those graceful, swirling, dancing spirals

Like salty lipped sailors dancing jigs and singing

Placid sea shanties in hollow voices,

Mourning women left at home,

With guitars wrapped in aged leather

Sails down, fluttering,

The slap of waves on hull,

Under sunset skies

They care not for an hour, a minute,

Or an increment of fossil fuel achievements

Or manned insects with hammers and wires

Boots, and steel,

Hard hats braced for the advancement of times,

Or space-aged, oil-spewing black

Blood in spurts,

Her energy depleted

In wasteland dumps,

Draining deep pockets of ancient sunlight,

Drilling irreversibly, driving further, faster

Mechanically, methodically without question

To man this rocket up to space to take that shot

Of you,



They care only

When all the sky was blue

And the ocean source

Of life to all,

Soft, pastel, vibrant

A Mother rocking children

In lullabies of peaceful rhythms

In timeless space,

In the paradox of seeing you

Face to face.


April 7, 2014

April Haiku


Day Two: Haiku—Ferns

Earth still damp with night

Golden haired ferns unfurling

Awakening light



Day Three:


Sedentary Ways

Released in cosmic beauty

Sun, moon, clouds, earth.









Her tired eyes in firelight,


Speaking in broken words,

Softly, yet fearlessly,

fully, wholly,


of death, of sorrow,

of joy in the next room.

Warm words fall from her lips, her heart,

Imagery from  a bedside’s “darkest hour”

now at the doorstep,

her Beloved’s crossroad,

meridian of existence evolving in light,


In the presence of Love,

A great goddess whose

Light never seemed brighter,

Or beauty seem so radiant,

Than now, in this moment,

this inevitable moment

when she does not give up, or say good bye,

But remains steady

Despite exhaustion,

She speaks assuredly of surreal dreams,

of yesterday, today, and tomorrow,

A wild flower bending gently

in acquiescence of change,

She lovingly steps away from her fireplace

and lends a hand

in the crossing of the

threshold of time.



KKLE November 17, 2013


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