Ode To An Old Wild Rose

Final poem for NaPoWriMo 2014:













Your petals are wilting,

Still soft with sun

And rain that graced you

In soft mists and torrent showers

In your youth,


Though the heat was strong

your fragrance held its own

Sweet with knowledge,

Heart flushed with beauty,

and wild with impulse,

You blossomed,


Despite your thorns,

Despite pain,

Despite sorrow,

Your touch remained gentle,

Delicate resonance,

I inhale you,

Breathing in

All that you are,

All that I am.



April 30, 2014

Sky River


I look to the sky river,

A fluid, timeless, spaceless current,

My heart wide open,

Ready to gather ripples

From the universe,

A hopeful flow that pulls me in

And bathes me

in fingers of light.

Rain Haiku


Misty rain on skin

Fallen colors breathing in

Becoming the earth


The earth is in me

Patterns of light are woven

Intricate beauty

Prom Chaperone

After reading InfiniteZip’s Curtail Sonnet, I was inspired to try out that form of poetry.  🙂 It was fun anyway…This is based on my experience as a Prom Chaperone last night:

Prom Chaperone


Elegant girls with pretty gowns are texting

Fingers tapping restlessly under the table

Uncertain curls and bashful lips get no reception


Silken boys with gloomy dispositions pacing

A party-crasher’s side-eye glance gets her in trouble

Stirring some excitement in her expulsion


Young couples kissing in the dance floor shadows

Childhood friends are feeling new rejection

As playful groups dissolve in romance couples

And secret votes reveal  without a single doubt

A lesbian prom queen selection



Great, white, predator,

Astounding fearless beauty

Protect your children.


You have returned to find

That yesterday is gone,

A few million years melted

Into an abyss of Super-bergs,

hurling centuries of frozen

origin, pure water, sacred water,

Rushing rivers revealing

Naked land, barren land,

a lifeless land, releasing

Your grief-stricken tears

On the face of the earth,

Into the deep,

Into the rising water,

A stew of miss-placed life

Scrambling to survive,

And remember

The beauty,

The strength,

The powerful,

The amazing


Sinking deep,

Leaving eddies

of memories,

In pictures




April 25, 2014




# 25 haiku–Pahala Waking

Pahala town

Pahala town








Pahala waking

Volcanic haze breaking dawn

Orange silhouette


My Mercury Is In Gemini

A flurry of words slip

from my lips,


from my mind,


an unbridled out-burst,

a hose that’s been folded,

too long held back,

too far from the earth,

too close to the sun,

This dam must be released,

Or burn.



Frack Is A Ranting “F” Word for State Assessment

What rain will rain is done

Every word

Every metaphor

Rooted in text,

A mental pre-fix of

culture screaming


Blind paradox

Of a kernel of corn,

A grain of wheat,

Genetically modified,

Frackin’ waterbed of human demise

And population rise

Alphabetically quantified,

Adjectival phrase of

A fish gasp, of a polar bear,

Playful on polluted land and poisoned water

Sandaled hippie tree hugging wasted

Contextual clue lost on

Raving lunatics and razzled Republican rhetoric,

Check out the context of living now,

On earth,

What more can be said,

What more can be done,

Intelligence measured with a rubber gun,

And a dollar bill.



#22 Transition


Pua Keni Keni


From clenched position

Fragrant petals tightly wrapped

Emerging flower








Tired–Awake While Dreaming

There you are,


In water of blue, air of meaning,

image of words,

texture of sun on skin,

an emotion of mind,

Sound of heart dreaming

In big space,

That look in your eyes

Drawing me inward,

A kaleidoscope

of swift clouds,

Moving blue beyond purity,

An in-depth Capacity

Fleeting further

Than far,

Awake while dreaming.








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