Dear Rumi



Dear Rumi,

Centuries later,

You have made me cry,

For I too have been here since the dawn of time,

Absorbing essence of light and dark, soil and sky,

But the word,

Your words,

Read from ancient scrolls

Left me bleeding with the thorns of roses wanting more,

Pleading for the universe to make my words eternal,

For my passion, like yours, to last forever,

In hunger, in longing, in forgiveness and in letting go,

To carry this heavy burden of love, in beauty,

Like you,

A brilliant flower garden in the cyclical budding of time,

In grief, and in joy,

for all the universe to hear and feel and love,

That timeless heartbeat aching to be free

Yet wanting to be captured

By her, by me, by infinite melody.


For Noora, Who Inspires,

Karen K.L. Espaniola,  January 26, 2014



Courage To Be Vulnerable


mauna loa setting

I can’t hide any more,

This vibrant light

In an unraveling basket,

These careful words

behind a veil of denial.

I can’t breathe in this closet

Boxed with untruths,

This box with four walls:

Walls to keep me safe,

Walls to shield me from disgrace,

Walls to emulsify me,

Crucify me,

Clamp me down,

Keep me tethered,

Keep me roped ,

Keep me sheltered from the sun and rain.


Let me have the courage to be vulnerable,

To know that truth should not be feared.

And if people should hate me or disown me

Know that in my time

I am okay.


Let the sun beat down on me

So that I can absorb the heat.

Let angry words rain

On my cracked soil,

Pelt, and pelt, and pelt in torrents,

and where every drop falls

Striking my heart, my skin, my soul,

Let me feel the courage,

To be vulnerable,

To prepare the soil, to plant the seed,

To finally speak the truth.

Dear Memories,


Dear Memories,

Why don’t you stay a while

And engrave those last moments

Of fleeting folds of summer sun

Fading/piercing darts warm

Dancing amber grass

In blue sky

In laughter/in liquid heart


Just let me look back

To those endless fathoms/swelling/aching

Breathing in days etched with

Every step

Every pebbled pathway

Every forested trail

That swayed and moved and yearned and lingered

In soft curves

Just let me look back

Without crumbling

To ash.


Give me one last second

To hope/gaze/dream/behold

Fire that devours


Strips me of all sanity

Believing I can do anything

Keeping me kindled until daybreak


Accelerated heartbeat

Forgiving, needing

Just one last day

To plead with eternity.


And if this be the twilight of our memories

An apparition of time

In the cold/dark night waning

With only a final fading glimpse

To say good bye to me,

A lonely cliff,

A solitary mountain

An empty sea,

A withering branch on a fruited tree

Or if it seems I don’t even live

In reality

Then let me be

A pilgrim on the threshold of change

Choosing to be still

Choosing to be quiet

Waiting to be set free

Of your Reminiscent beauty.


Yours Truly,






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