To A Great Tree



You were like a tree,

Limbs silhouetted with love,

And all who knew you

Clung tightly to your branches

Reveling in your strong roots.

Blue Sky Tanka




Today’s clear blue sky

Her supernal sapphire sphere

Eternal longing

Distant blissful heavenly dome

Calls me near, calling me home.


Rain Tanka


IMG_20131215_162813_422-1-1-1 (1)

Where sad soil lies

Soft patter of rain alive

Green rejuvenate

Dreams that take hold in water

Rooting where hope is dormant.


Earth Turn


It’s been a while since the earth drew me to her arms

Like a river current pulling me gently along,

A while since those internal strings sang so slowly

As the earth turned, and water spiraled,

and sunlight spread her fingers through the trees

leaving summer shadows fluttering to let go.



waiting for day

under darkness

the earth moving

like the first night

longing hours dissolve



for day.







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