You wanted to know what I see
when I see you
that moment time stops,
and all the world is asleep except
your light resonating
a rhythmic hum of the universe,
a golden stillness with barely a wisp of breeze
Hovers, slipping soundlessly beneath summer’s shade trees,
where distant water glints in wonder and song,
A warm foothold on smooth bark
Climbing, a tree hugger’s paradise.

Walking Before Morning

Looking up
Into that carpet of stars
How I want to absorb you
Swallow you til’ the darkness
Cools my pain, and the distant light
Ignites the healing of my soul. Let me be yours.
Let me cast my life before you, become clay to the creator
Bury me, fold me, envelope me, transform me, release me,
Because what I want is not always the right path
And what I need is not always the way,
Let me lose myself in darkness,
And allow light in my pores
Allow the universe
To take me

KKLE April 16, 2013

Your Laughter

Your laughter aches in my bones,
Like an attachment that won’t let go
A slow throb that longs to be heard,
Curling round trees, and dusty roadside flowers,
Clinging to my skin with every step,
Dripping from my pores,
Rolling rich and deep, and warm,
And sure.

K.K.L.E. April 7, 2013


If we could sit together,
A warm river running through us,
Stones waiting patiently with only the movement of slow breathing,
And the rhythm of water moving us gently in liquid light,
We could dissolve together,
And the world would be at peace.

K.K.L.E. April 6, 2013

Morning Cinquain

Thick with grey mists,
Serene spirits embracing
My heart, my lungs, my soul reaching

Prayer Before Dawn

Prayer Before Dawn:

Letting go
To you,
Who sees all, Who is all, Who knows all,
You embody those ancient life-lines
That catch me when I let go.


There in the mist, I think I see you,
In the half-eyed moon you walk with me,
In the dark, you are the many faces celebrating light,
Urging me on,
Urging the world on,
A light for all the universe to see,
A light in the image
Of you
who went on
before me.

KKLE April 4, 2013


Time and again,
Constant, circular,
An ocean,
A stairway into the night sky,
Seven eyes,
Seeing all,
All at once,
“Nothing comes to be or perishes”
An inch, a foot, a wave, a sunrise,
Rhythm, rapture, hum
Of endless space
Flowing E-nergy off the grid,
Across the lines,
In slow motion
We come.
We go.
We are.


Poem Two Day Three: Rancor

Had nothing to say to the world last night.
Some say that anger is self-generated,
And so I ungenerated,
Filtered out the rancor with flute music,
Listened to birds,
Flooded my mind with nothing,
Felt my face twitch,
And then begged…
Begged the Universe to heal my body,
And mind, and soul.
Asked my cells to wake up,
And listen to flutes fluttering
Gently and harmlessly from
Another place
To fill this space.

K.K.L.E. April 3, 2013


Have I then reached the edge of my foe?
The darkness that shimmered tauntingly,
That covered the path,
That closed in like balls of cotton,
Til’ sound, and sense, and feelings were muffled,
And I thought I was going the distance the wrong way.
Who would’ve known with clay in my eyes and
Mounds of weight pressing down on all sides
That I was fine?
Who would’ve known that the right way
Was the wrong turn?
And now that I have begun to dig myself out,
I find the clouds are deeper and thicker than I thought,
And my toes that now stand at the precipice
Are clutching so tight, I can barely breathe
But now, at the pinnacle of my own grave,
I know I have to let go,
And dig
And dig
And dig
out, and above, and away from the plateau
Til’ there is nothing left to hold,
But blue sky.

Karen K.L. Espaniola April 1, 2013


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