Grandfather Rocks: Sijo XXII


Solid source of wisdom, silent emanations of the spirit,

Once communicated the sacred, now shamefully displayed,

Grandfather Rocks forced to mark graves, remnant remains of your people.


(For the Grandfather Rocks displayed at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian)

K.K.L.E May 7, 2012

Ka`u Weeping: Land and Water


Stand Strong Ka`u!

An angry storm is blowing,

The smell of earth rising

In rain, rich brown, gold, embedding

Red pain of strategical lies

She bleeds the wooing cries

Of mirrors and beads,

Of money and greed,

Strapping cannons to canoes,

Stand up, Stand up Ka`u!

Yoke your love to her weeping breasts,

Nourisher of generations.

Protect her from Westward thrusts

That hunts,

That takes,

That eats her smell without permission,

That sucks her water of sweet mountain,

That slakes deep with bitter desperation

Spears of wealth and delineation

To Conquest this land of fierce stars,

Of warriors of the land,

Keepers of black sand,

Stand up, children of Keoua, children of Ka`u,

Truce was the weapon that crushed you,

Gunned down in open arms smiling,

She weeps now for her warriors falling,

For water, for land, her children dividing.

In the angry storm blowing,

In the rich earth rising,

In this epic time calling,

Stand strong!



Karen K.L. Espaniola July 21, 2007


Published by Yellow Medicine Review,  Winter 2007





Earthly Stones: Sijo XXI


I see you glimmering in a river bed, calling out to me,

You stand out among all other stones, your color, your shape, your light,

In my palm I feel your expression of beauty, heart beat of Earth.



K.K.L.E May 6, 2012


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