Earthly Adornment


She celebrated the Goddess,

her body adorning gifts of earth and sea,

a leather pouch speaking of stones, and sage smoke

on a cold clear night

where stars ripe for reaching


like Paua shells and abalone

in a swelling ocean wave,

she harvested them,

loosening them with her fingertips,

spiraling purple, blue, green, brown

to wear them in her hair,

and by her heart,

with bands of copper,

and drops of turquoise,

and Green Stone from the sea.



K.K.L.E April 28, 2012





Sweet grass and roaming blue skies in your bones…Stolen, like land,

and passed.

through many hands, and horsehair…and twined, and woven,

and kept,

And returned…to people of the Red Road…Finally, you’ve come home.


K.K.L.E. April 28, 2012


Wild West Pahala: Sijo XIX


Horrendous howling hunting dog’s brawl…roaming, restless packs piled

in this quiet country cowboy town…bring out the big guns,

where high powered rifles rip unattended dogs…in suburb streets.



K.K.L.E.   4/28




Derelict Offal Enterprise


Bulging wallet speaks,

mouth-yawning ties and pomade,

big money spluttering;

blah, blah, wah, wah,


blah, blah, wah, wah,


leaving imploring plaintive pleas unheard.


We are strapped

to the waters,

diving, every last breath taken,


the heart and soul,

the ocean swelling,

the ancient drum-beat,

Weary of dorsal fins,

on watch for the

over-tested, under-fed,

On drugs, off the grid.


And You,

Big business of banal banter,

You proselytize, colonize,

clamber, Reach To The Top,

before it all comes tumbling down,

beaten to death

with wallets of worthless words

and derelict dribble

that has no place,

No place in this place.

April 27, 2012

Late April: Sijo XVIII


Shadows and light on leaves…leave a feeling of serenity,

an impressionistic pocket of reality…gold on green,

a thought on paper…whisked away gently by a spring cloud.



Karen K.L. Espaniola April 26, 2012



Kalo: Sijo XVII


Unfurling leaf, of tow’ring source and life-line, shooting forth,

whose ancestors feed upon the lineage of your strength and beauty,

whose ocean colored leaves caught my eyes and stole my breath away.


Karen K.L. Espaniola April 25, 2012

Real: Sijo XVI


 It wasn’t real, whatever it was…the eyes that absorbed,

deep pools that drew me in…only a reflection of who I was,

in the sun that lit up your space…a fleeting moment in time.


Karen K. L. Espaniola

Traveling Home: Sijo XV


Traveling home, I could swallow cold stars in the stillness of night

Breathe in tall trees, and smell damp campfires gone out as people sleep.

Who wouldn’t trade in the noises of the city lights for this?


Karen K.L. Espaniola

Hostage Of Time: Sijo XIV



Time taken hostage by tentacles of flight leading to space,

Over is the evolution of standing up to bark like a dog

We are trees rooted in soil, reaching into the mind beyond.


April 22, 2012


Volcanic Auras: Haiku


Like Halemaumau

magma genetics

fiery fusing auras


Karen K. L. Espaniola  April 21, 2012


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