Frack Is A Ranting “F” Word for State Assessment

What rain will rain is done

Every word

Every metaphor

Rooted in text,

A mental pre-fix of

culture screaming


Blind paradox

Of a kernel of corn,

A grain of wheat,

Genetically modified,

Frackin’ waterbed of human demise

And population rise

Alphabetically quantified,

Adjectival phrase of

A fish gasp, of a polar bear,

Playful on polluted land and poisoned water

Sandaled hippie tree hugging wasted

Contextual clue lost on

Raving lunatics and razzled Republican rhetoric,

Check out the context of living now,

On earth,

What more can be said,

What more can be done,

Intelligence measured with a rubber gun,

And a dollar bill.



#22 Transition


Pua Keni Keni


From clenched position

Fragrant petals tightly wrapped

Emerging flower








Tired–Awake While Dreaming

There you are,


In water of blue, air of meaning,

image of words,

texture of sun on skin,

an emotion of mind,

Sound of heart dreaming

In big space,

That look in your eyes

Drawing me inward,

A kaleidoscope

of swift clouds,

Moving blue beyond purity,

An in-depth Capacity

Fleeting further

Than far,

Awake while dreaming.








Roll My Stone Away


Ohia Lehua Ka`u, Hawaii

Ohia Lehua Ka`u, Hawaii


Roll my stone away,

Barefoot silence through puddles

damp earth is rising.

Flowers are up-turned

in your cool quenching rain drops

Waiting for water.



Moon Cycles











The Moon resides in me.

I celebrate the moon.


Waning sleep cycle

Of a goddess,

Receding for comfort,

Needing stillness

And the small voice

quiet in shadows

speaks to me,

hibernating cells

Relinquishing fire,

A fragile unshelling

Waiting to come out



my surging ocean moving

Across sands and pebbled beaches,

An expanding heart

Gathering points of light

A pulsating

Chakra orb,

A constellation of stars

And synoptic sparks

on fire.


A Stone Throw


Pull Over,

And walk twenty yards

From the highway.


Myth is alive,

Movement rustling in darkness,

Light seeping from clouds,

A slight breeze,

A dancing Lehua blossom

Swaying unseen,

An unbeaten path,

A stone throw

from the known.


We are divorced from what’s real,

Believing in our own superiority,

And have we forgotten our relations?


The stone, the moss, the mist, the mountain,

All waiting for us to return home.






Goddess Divine


From the Goddess,

Divine Luminescence,

An ancient awakening

In my words,

In my thoughts,

In my understanding

Creative energy,

Billowing heart, sacred mind,

Translucent water

runs through me,

Is me,

Is her.



































# 16 Running Out of Propane

Falling asleep 
With a potato in my stomach,
Not the black rotten one the guy eats
In the “Pianist”
You know, the one he peels with
His thumbs,

But a microwaved one,
Mushy from high-powered waves
That could’ve burned my
brain in seconds,
`cause I live in this modern world
Of hurry up and do it now
“Wiring” it up “for comfort” as Rita Dove would say.
Days of shifting logs in wood stoves
Singed hairs and charcoaled finger tips are over.

Though I miss the smell of
beans simmering on a winter day
And will dream of wood smoke and soot,
crumbling bark and damp log filling the air.

Creative Lunars













“the creative lunars are out” she said,

With music like honey on her lips,

And the red moon hanging low.


Into the cold-blue I went outside

with cats dancing in the shadows

and hair cascading into the night


And lay on the playground slide

Still chill and stared into the sky

Mesmerized by her aberration

Comforted by her transformation.


April 14, 2014
















That moment when

the moon sets behind the mountain

and the sun rises from the sea

there is a stillness inside of me




Social Media

Real-world bits

travel in increments

Flashing figures on a screen

We’re all looking for a mean-ing

An ambiguous interpretation

At Lightening-speed communication

Oprah’s world-wide transformation

Capsule of time/space dimension

A real-world conversation

Cyber-spiritual symbolization,

Get out your Visa card for

Social-media meditation

A new-age reality.

Got to connect, got to talk, got to communicate, NOW

Right now,

Politics is burning at your finger-tips

Get that laughter in your comic blogs

Like it, like it, like it, like it

Friend, Unfriend, Friend, Unfriend

That world inside your head

Where Hate is born—dislike,

Where Love is created—like,

Reflect your hourly emotion

At the push of a button,

A cyber-active key

That unlocks a reality.




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